Welcome to REALNYS- The Responsible Associated Landowners of New York State


We hope that you will join us in our fight to stand up as landowners in New York state who are working to protect our beloved land from the impacts of hydro-fracking. You can learn more about what we’re up to by checking our Our Mission and Our Work.

Most importantly, if you own land and don’t want to have it fracked, please,  add your name and property information on the Join Us! page.

The gas companies claim to have land owners on their side in New York state, but we believe that the majority of us want to protect our land and our childrens’ futures by refusing to be bullied into short term energy gains for long term environmental and community issues.

Please spread the word — please share this site with everyone you know in New York state whom you think would be willing stand up for clean air and water on their land and urge them to sign on to our database. We will share information about the amount of acreage and number of owners who are committed to protecting their land with reporters and political leaders to change the conversation about fracking in New York.

On the Latest Numbers page you can find the latest totals of landowners and property acreage that’s been pledged to remain frack-free.  On the Acreage by County page you can get a quick glance at our progress on a county level.

Please feel free to explore this site, leave comments and suggestions.

Stand up and be counted, and join us!

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5 Responses to Welcome to REALNYS- The Responsible Associated Landowners of New York State

  1. joan koster says:

    Great idea. I will send out to my group Concerned Citizens for Northern Broome

  2. Just thought, I would like to help clarify one major error in your opening statements:”They’re claiming that owners representing over 77,000 acres of land are pro-fracking.” The figure you have is correct however the 77,000 represents landowners NOT ACRES!….The actual holding of those 77,000 people are well over 2 Million acres . The 2 million acres are land coalitions for leasing but not yet leased. The actual amount of land with leases at this time represents an additional 48% of NY land.
    Sorry but that’s the facts do your own research and have someone check it.

    • joanitaska says:

      And the 48% that are leased have old expired leases signed longed before fracking existed that they are being held to by force majeur or illegal 5 year extensions. [Don’t ever trust a gas company]. Lots of those people are anti-fracking.

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