About Us

REALNYS is a site by and for for like-minded landowners who are against Slick Water, High Volume Hydrofracturing (Fracking) of our lands to extract shale gas and oil. We are an ad hoc, grassroots group of community volunteer landowners from all over the state who have no agenda other than to protect our land and our future from the damages of fracking.

The founders are from Andes Works!, a small community group in Andes, NY that is dedicated to supporting sustainable economic development that strengthens rather than destroys our environmental and cultural resources.

In this great short video by area filmmaker, Jessica Vecchione,  Bill Feldman and Leigh Melander, two of the founders of RealNYS,  talk about how and why REALNYS came to be…

And listen to Bill’s speech at the  August 27th Anti Fracking rally in Albany,  in front of over 1,000 like minded citizens.    Use this link to listen to Bill’s speech.

On this site, we will gather and post information about the land and landowners of New York and will use it to boost our influence in the State. The gas companies claim that they are waiting to frack over  800,000 acres in New York owned by pro-fracking landowners. Can you help us stop them from destroying our beautiful state?

Please explore this site, feel free to comment, and if you agree with what we are trying to accomplish, fill out the Property Owners Form and help us keep our land and water safe.

Want to reach us? You can here.

10 Responses to About Us

  1. Ernie Brigham says:

    Unfortunately Chesapeake is the largest land owner in New York State.

    • realnys says:

      Chesapeake is not the largest landowner in NYS we are.
      Every resident of NYS by virtue of our taxes owns State Land. We own land in the Adirondacks and Catskills and Albany and in all the cities and towns. These lands belong to us. We paid for them, we pay to maintain them.
      We get to tell our elected officials what we want to do with our land.
      They don’t get to tell us. Corporations don’t get to tell us.
      That is what this site is all about. Taking back our land by taking back our government.

      Bill Feldman

    • Bob Lidsky says:

      Chesapeake & all the other Frackers don’t OWN the land… its our land. They just LEASE it for a tiny fraction of what its worth, trash it with heavy industrialization,and leave us with the environmental ruins and failing health. Just look at what Cabot did to Dimock, PA.

  2. I intend to both boycott support for and stop watching WXXI the public channel in Rochester N>Y for accepting and showing sponsorship

  3. Shame on you Norm Silverstein, you’re no Bill Pearce, who had a social conciuosness.

  4. Hydrofracking is an abomination for our children and their children down the generations. Clean energy is the only systainable future

  5. No tunneling under our very bedrock, the ground we stand on

  6. kms01 says:

    be armed with facts – i am collecting and sorting as much evidential material as i can – ispiration from the DEC site itself: http://www.dec.ny.gov/61.html
    “Everyone lives in a watershed. It might be large or small. All watersheds are part of the bigger environment. What you do at your house affects everyone downstream and around you.”

    my site: https://kms01.wordpress.com

  7. kms01 says:

    p.s – i bought my farmhouse 13 years ago because i wanted to live in paradise. the protected watershed was the most beautiful place i could imagine – my heart breaks to think the $$$ that a few landowners have received puts the entire future of all of us here in the northeast, dependant and caring for land, animals, and community, at such risk. this is no ordinary threat, and intolerable risk is well documented. i really hate to think there is an actual pact between the government, the energy companies and pr consultants to rob us of something that can NEVER be replaced, but that’s sure what it looks like.
    if, in these last few years, when such economic suffering brought landowners to the devil’s door, (or really, the devil came to them) we had not just then as well been assaulted by the ‘financial crisis’, that denied the very financial support that would have made the devil’s offers less attractive, and given back some dignity to the intrepid souls who have learned to survive thru the upstate winters.

    we are all connected.

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