We wanted to answer some of the questions that we’ve received since we started REAL NYS. In no particular order…

1. If I own more than one property, how do I enter information?
Answer: Please fill out the form separately so you’ve added each individual property on its own. That will allow us to keep the data as clean as possible about numbers and sizes of parcels.

2. If I only own a small piece a land, do you still want me to join?
Answer: An emphatic and enthusiastic YES! Every little bit helps, and the number of owners helps our cause as well as the amount of acreage covered.

3. If I don’t know my parcel tax number, can I still enter my information? 
Answer: YES! We’re working on putting together a page with links to County tax maps so you can find your parcel number, but until then, please don’t let not knowing stop you from joining.

4. I filled out the form but I’m not yet seeing my entry reflected in the totals. Did you not receive it?
Answer: We’ve been absolutely, wonderfully overwhelmed with the response that we’ve gotten as we’ve gotten the site up. We’re organizing and entering data, and are moving as fast as we can. Bill is trying to get updates up almost hourly throughout the day — but we got responses from hundreds of owners reflecting thousands of acres in the first couple of days the site was live. We’re playing a little catch up!

5. Why have you added questions on the form about whether I’ve leased my land or not? 
Answer: This may be the most important question on this FAQ page. There are hundreds of New Yorkers who leased their land before anyone really understood the impacts of fracking, and who are now trying to break their leases. (For more information about how to do this, please visit fleased.org.) The gas companies have suggested leaseholders equate to a level of support, which just isn’t true. Everyone who wants to protect their land from fracking is welcome to join us.

6. Who is paying for this?
Answer: We know that people are understandably interested in who stands behind an effort like this, and where they get any money (who they might be working for or be beholden to). The short answer is only ourselves. The founders are a group of individuals in Andes, NY, all a part of Andes Works!, all working to support this brilliant idea and work of our friend and Andes Works! colleague Bill Feldman. We are a grassroots group and have received NO funding from anyone. We are completely volunteer.

7. I have friends who would join but who aren’t online. How can they join?
Answer: Just download the Landowner Registration Form in Word or the Landowner Registration Form in PDF and have them sign it and send it back to:
Bill Feldman
PO Box 480
Andes, NY 13731

8. How can I help?
Answer: Please spread the news about this effort to everyone you think who would be willing to sign on. And!! If you are going to be at events where you know that people attending will be interested, please feel free to download and print copies of the Landowner Registration Form and send it back to:
Bill Feldman
PO Box 480
Andes, NY 13731

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us here.

Thank you so much for joining REAL NYS!

One Response to FAQ

  1. kms01 says:


    I found a Delaware Cty Tax Map site, and it’s pretty good – you can enter a name or an address, and see the acreage, owner, etc…’Delaware County – COMIT’


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