Latest Numbers

The Total Number of Anti-Fracking Landowners is: 3251

The Total Number of Acres we own is:    64272.21

Updated     12/16/2014

County updated 12/16/2014


18 Responses to Latest Numbers

  1. eshdee says:

    Thank you! I’m going to forward this to all my friends who want to protect the land, air and water in the State of New York.
    Susan – Andes, NY

  2. Sue Rapp says:

    Have forwarded this to everyone I know and I have posted this on 2 facebook pages. I would urge you to tell people to post this on facebook, I got a lot of delighted responses from people across the State! What a fantastic idea!!

  3. betsy bonsignore says:

    Wonderful positive statement…from a landowner in the Keystone State!

  4. Bob Lidsky says:

    Thank You! REALNYS has been a long time coming. No question most New Yorkers don’t want Fracking. Now by listing our land we can show Albany and our Town Governments the big picture, demand they listen to us, the majority, support home rule and ban Fracking.

  5. Wonderful. This is what we want to see, the acreage doubling practically every day! The best possible survey to express the people’s voice to “our representatives” in Albany and beyond.

  6. down the road, when [if] you get caught up [ I see my farm hasn’t made it to the list yet] a map of frack free land would be cool but you probably have more important things to do, show Albany we mean business.
    and to those who are experiencing criticism for your anti frack stand, the people who are giving you a hard time, would give it to you no matter how long you lived in a place. Pay them no heed. I myself am not a Ny state resident, I do however, own a farm there and have for 30 years, my family has owned the same farm since 1820, so where does that put me? It puts me in a position to take the very long view regarding the stewardship of the land. My ancestors did not trash the farm, ruin the land or destroy it in any way, I intend to do the same for my children and other generations to follow. sometimes money isn’t everything and a deal with the devil is always a bad deal .

  7. andesworks says:

    Great idea about the map, Cornelia; thank you.
    Must be someone out there who’d be willing to help map this…

  8. great idea,….let’s hit the governor’s office with these numbers

  9. Cheri Johnston says:

    Fantastic! I will spread the word to friends and neighbors in Schuyler County!

  10. Mike Shuster says:

    This is so GREAT! Now we need to enforce COMPULSORY INTEGRATION when we get to 60%, so all of NY is Safe form the Frackers

  11. Joy says:

    Does a half-acre on Long Island qualify, or are you only tracking large tracks of farmland?

    • realnys says:

      Any size parcel is welcome.
      Please join

    • Michael Sheridan says:

      I have a half-acre, and I just joined today. Every little bit helps, beside you and I have as much a vote as the big guys do, and your constitutional rights are just as important as theirs. Everybody is affected by the decisions the state is going to eventually make.

  12. donna every says:

    Would you be able to give me approximate (orbetter) figures on how many acres and how many landownwers are for fracking? Donna every 607 765 31q67. thank you for all you are doing

  13. Farmer Fred says:

    The truth of “most land owners are for gas drilling” is due to decades old permits i.e. not fracking as today. 35 years ago there were land men working the area (Finger Lakes) trying to buy leases. This was not seen as hazardous as today.

  14. My husband and I don’t feel right about giving the O.K. to the fracking of our land if there is even a small possibility that our neighbors could get sick.

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