Our Mission

We believe in being stewards of our land.

We believe in handing over our land to the next generation in a condition at least as good as when it came into our hands.

We believe that this includes all the resources of the land, ecological as well as geological.

We do not believe in sacrificing the lands and resources that have nourished us for generations in the shortsighted pursuit of short term economic or  energy gains.

We are the Responsible Associated Landowners of New York State.

We are the Real Landowners of New York State.


One Response to Our Mission

  1. Joanne Cipolla-Dennis says:

    please share….the landowners coalition that is pro frack has scheduled a “presentation of the truth” by infamous attorney Chris Denton. The town board of Groton is all pro frack, refuses the pleas and signatures of residents who signed petition asking for protection by moratorium. The residents are fed up because they know without drastic intervention of some sort to force the town board to protect them many will be forced to move. Many organic farmers like Mary, Doug and Rachael McGarry-Newman, owners of Buried Treasure in Groton that produces only organic fruits and vegetables speak out against the process of extracting natural gas via fracking. Other farmers like Ed and Eileen Scheffler of Scheffler Organic farm also in Groton who grown organic vegetables and are members of Organic Valley milk producer have remained silent. Jerry Dell Organic Farm in Groton another member of OV doesn’t come to town board meetings either to protect their farm. Either they are pro frack or have no idea that their businesses will be abruptly lost. Even if they could produce in the first year of fracking who would buy “organic” food from a frack farm? Those of us who buy organic food know that conventionally grown foods are unsafe so we spend the money for organics to ensure we are not ingesting toxic chemicals known to be used in conventional farming and in areas of shale gas and oil development. This coalition, The Southern Cayuga Landowners Coalition is convincing organic farmers and others that there are NO ILL affects to gas production, that farmers carry on even more successfully than prior to drilling and everything turns to gold for the farmer and their communities. These are very dangerous people and they need to be challenged by people in attendance. PLEASE come from any town USA to make them tell the ACTUAL TRUTH to farmers. Tuesday at 7 pm at the Groton High School.

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