Our Work

We are working to prevent New York State in the name of the gas industry from taking over our lands and destroying our way of life.

We will counter the leased landowners of New York State, led by the gas industry, by not allowing them to control the conversation on fracking.

To accomplish this, we are forming a group of landowners who are opposed to fracking.

The more landowners,  the more acreage, the greater our assets as compared with the leased landowners, the greater our ability to affect change in the State.

We will use strength in numbers to counter the political and media efforts of the leased landowners.

Where ever they go, whomever they speak with, we will be there. We will expose any lies and distortion and provide the real facts. We will lead and not let Big Gas control the conversation.

If you agree with the above, please join us by filling out the form on the Join Us page. All information will be kept private, off-line and protected.  Only a summary of our numbers will be available online, on this web site.

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